Most families in Germany live - without realizing it - under a "blanket of silence". They are the children and grandchildren of the war generation and still carry the guilty entanglements, traumatic experiences as well as the flight and expulsion of this generation with them today. Their common characteristic is silence. With the book "Breaking the Veil of Silence" by Jobst Bittner, a very important message went out in 2012.

Since its publication, Veil of Silence seminars have been held in Germany and internationally, and thousands have already experienced healing through this message.


Jobst Bittner: Breaking the Veil of Silence

The veil of silence concerns you more than you think! You come across it at every turn, whether in your personal life, in your family, in your church or congregation, or in your cities and nations. The Veil of Silence is the reason for inner coldness, loneliness, and the sense of being lost in darkness. Once you break it, you will be able to receive the immeasurable blessing of God and the authority to change your surroundings with His love.(...) continue reading

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Since the book was published, Veil of Silence seminars have been held in Germany and internationally. Participants are encouraged to come to terms with their own family history and have experienced beneficial effects as a result. Others have been motivated to raise their voices for Israel and against antisemitism with the March of Life in cities in Germany and around the world.




International Veil of Silence Online-Seminar

January 28+29, 2022 Basic module

February 25+26, 2022 Advanced module

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Veil of Silence Online-Seminar


11.-12.11.2022 Basic module

25.-26.11.2022 Advanced module

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